Our Value

Design Assist

We are strong advocates for a collaborative design environment, holding a belief that a unique advantage is brought when industry stakeholders are engaged early in the design process. As such, we have seen success with the Antamex Design Assist process. When a project moves forward on a design assist basis, it is understood that the preliminary documentation provided will show the design intent but not necessarily specific detailing or product specifications. Antamex’s design assist approach includes an initial scope specific analysis of the preliminary project intent followed by practical recommendations, utilizing mutually agreed project performance criteria and relevant industry engineering standards.

Antamex’s project team will then attend and contribute to regularly scheduled design meetings with all relevant stakeholders, working towards a collaboratively generated set of construction issue design and specification documents. This process mitigates much of the guesswork inherent in the traditional “go to market” tendering approach and all but eliminates change orders and other schedule impacting eventualities.

Throughout the entire design assist process, Antamex’s primary focus is to maintain design intent, constructability, and adherence to the cost parameters of all elements within our scope of work.

Engineering/Building Science

Antamex clients benefit from an integrated group of in-house engineers and R&D personnel who are key to tackling challenges during both the pre-construction and execution stages of a project. Our seasoned team is constantly driving façade system developments in response to evolving market conditions related to energy, aesthetics, and environmental changes. Working with Antamex ensures your project will be at the forefront of façade design and technical capabilities.

Project Management

Our team understands the importance of close collaboration throughout the entire project lifecycle. Modeled after the Antamex Design Assist process, our Project Management team establishes agreed upon project goals during initial meetings to ensure the objectives of all project stakeholders are both identified and achieved.


We have been building curtain wall in Ontario, Canada since 1969. 50 years of knowledge and expertise have been developed and handed down through our assembly and glazing apprenticeship programs, which ensures that our clients receive the absolute highest quality product. We believe that only through local knowledge and heritage can curtain wall façade handicraft be maintained.


Antamex prides itself on being the first company to introduce Ironworkers into the curtain wall scope of work. Over 50 years we have established an extremely close relationship with Union Halls across North America to bring an unparalleled level of expertise to installation in our core markets. This unique in-house resource provides immense value during the early design and pre-construction phases, allowing architects and contractors the ability to examine potential cost drivers and mitigate downstream risk.

Quality Assurance

Since 1969 the Antamex brand has defined quality for the curtain wall industry. Our quality assurance process starts with developing a high resolution 3D building information model (BIM). After our BIM is complete, we have a full rendering of the curtainwall system which enables us to completely understand the intricacies of a custom system. The next key milestone in our quality assurance process is the Visual Mockup (VMU). The VMU enables us to confirm façade’s design and aesthetic. The final element of our quality assurance process is the Performance Mockup (PMU). The PMU is a real life sample of the building’s façade. During the PMU the façade is tested at a third party lab to ensure the system performs to specification.


Our view on safety is clear; anything except world-class safety performance is not acceptable and we hold ourselves accountable. We believe all workplace accidents are preventable and we work tirelessly to evaluate our safety systems.